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Baseball Games

Play Hit The Ball Hit The Ball  rating  51 Votes  
Make your friends proud. Swing that bat like a pro.
Play Home Run 2 Home Run 2  rating  79 Votes  
Sometimes you have to run that extra mile for victory. Avoid all rocks and evil birds while chasing your dream home run.
Play Zombie Home Run Zombie Home Run  rating  28 Votes  
The undead are in the stadium and have eaten most of the baseball fans! Protect them by bashing those zombies in the head with your baseball bat.
Play Baseball Jam Baseball Jam  rating  56 Votes  
Keep on swinging until you hit that homerun. Make the whole neighborhood cheer for you by scoring big.
Play Pitching Machine Pitching Machine  rating  63 Votes  
Practice your swing with the pitching machine. Aim carefully and don't let an apparatus beat you.
Play Homerun Rally Homerun Rally  rating  65 Votes  
Is the pitcher giving you a hard time? Make him pay by scoring a homerun or sending the ball straight back at him.
Play Big Hit Big Hit  rating  29 Votes  
Here is a simple baseball game that everyone can play. Just hit the ball with your bat then evade all the catchers flying around.
Play Cat Baseball Cat Baseball  rating  59 Votes  
A cat playing baseball against a robot, you have ten pitches so do not miss.
Play The Ads Team The Ads Team  rating  49 Votes  
Take the ball as far as possible using your swinging skill and the help of your trusted team.
Play Baseball Training Mitt Baseball Training Mitt  rating  20 Votes  
This game seems easy at first but it gets really challenging after a few levels. So you better concentrate and not let any ball get past your mitt!

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