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Play Shootin Hoops Shootin Hoops  rating  50 Votes  
Cross the basketball court on your way to the basket, then try to stop the bar at the correct angle and power.
Play Spalding Shoot Out Spalding Shoot Out  rating  54 Votes  
Practice your shooting power by scoring from different positions. Perfect timing results to a perfect score so be sure to stay alert.
Play Basketball Game Basketball Game  rating  80 Votes  
The basketball ring in this game moves back and forth. It is time for you to be quick on your feet to score.
Play Prison Basketball Prison Basketball  rating  60 Votes  
A fast-paced hoops shooting game. Stand in the shot zone to score that perfect shoot.
Play Ultimate Mega Hoops 2 Ultimate Mega Hoops 2  rating  41 Votes  
Prove that you can play better than your granny by shooting as many hoops as you can. Be careful, this old lady can jump!
Play Monster House Monster House  rating  82 Votes  
Fun basketball game, shoot some hoops and spell the word house before your opponent does.
Play Crazy Ball Crazy Ball  rating  85 Votes  
Excitingly wacky and unique. Play one-on-one with a ghost or challenge your friend for hours of ghoulish fun!
Play Hottie Hoops Hottie Hoops  rating  83 Votes  
Play a round of hoops with the lovely ladies of Nellywood.
Play Hoops Mania Hoops Mania  rating  51 Votes  
Click on the players to shoot hoops and try to get 4 or 6 baskets in a row for an extra special bonus.
Play Basket Basket  rating  52 Votes  
The whole gym is empty and quiet, now is the right time to hone your shooting skills.

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