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Cricket Games

Play Super Cricket Super Cricket  rating  816 Votes  
Enjoy a realistic game of cricket. The graphics are great and so is the gameplay. You will surely love it!
Play The Ashes The Ashes  rating  761 Votes  
This game offers a complete and realistic game of cricket.
Play Ashes 2 Ashes Ashes 2 Ashes  rating  390 Votes  
The zombies are in a rampage. Time to take your bat and protect the world from the terrible undead.
Play Cricket: The Batsmans Game Cricket: The Batsmans Game  rating  256 Votes  
This game gives you a realistic cricket game. It offers excitement and challenge for all cricket fans.
Play Top Spinner Cricket Top Spinner Cricket  rating  530 Votes  
Howzat! This is a very simple yet challenging game, see how high you can score.
Play Ultimate Cricket Ultimate Cricket  rating  105 Votes  
Have some fun on a single game or test your skills and compete in the world cup. You must be a good batsman and bowler to win in this one.
Play Stick Cricket Stick Cricket  rating  280 Votes  
Outwit the bowler. Think fast and swing that bat steadily.
Play Dream Cricket Dream Cricket  rating  143 Votes  
Score against the opposing team by meeting a specified target each match. Choose between India and West Indies then start swinging.
Play Super Sixers 2 Super Sixers 2  rating  162 Votes  
Practice your swinging skills or try your luck in the tournament. Strike a super six and make your team proud.
Play 6 Sixers Challenge 6 Sixers Challenge  rating  121 Votes  
Have a wacky and awesome time playing cricket in a parking lot. Avoid being laughed at by batting your best.

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Pyramid Solitaire
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