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Play Power Bowler Power Bowler  rating  178 Votes  
Power Bowler is a game that gives just the right amount of challenge to keep you coming back for more.
Play Test Series Test Series  rating  120 Votes  
Will the bowler throw to the left? To the right? Better think fast or be bowled.
Play Cricket By The Book Cricket By The Book  rating  76 Votes  
The game is played by flipping over your play book. Luck and a book full of good plays is the key to winning the match.
Play Ashes Desktop Challenge Ashes Desktop Challenge  rating  109 Votes  
A real worthwhile game of cricket. Anger your opponents by eliminating them out of the game. Contains cool gameplay and funny cut scenes.
Play Cricket Championship 2008 Cricket Championship 2008  rating  110 Votes  
Play cricket like a champ. Join the team as they swing and bowl for the cup.
Play Smashtastic Cricket Smashtastic Cricket  rating  85 Votes  
This is a really cute cricket game that you will enjoy playing again and again and again! Hold your bat firmly and lead your team to glory.
Play Last Man Standing Last Man Standing  rating  88 Votes  
Choose from four different scenarios. Each one has its own story so be immersed in the excitement and take your team to victory.
Play Slog Cricket Slog Cricket  rating  88 Votes  
Try to win in two scenarios of cricket. Choose your favorite team and help it to be the champion.
Play Turbo Cricket Turbo Cricket  rating  76 Votes  
Practice your batting skills. Score loads of 6's and 4's.
Play Cricket Challenge Cricket Challenge  rating  58 Votes  
This game is perfect for you if you want to play cricket online. It has both simplicity and challenge that will make you play for hours.

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Pyramid Solitaire
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