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Play Turbo Cricket Turbo Cricket  rating  64 Votes  
Practice your batting skills. Score loads of 6's and 4's.
Play Super Over Super Over  rating  49 Votes  
Funny and exciting. This is one cricket game that you will surely enjoy playing over and over again. Start the laughter now!
Play Cricket Challenge Cricket Challenge  rating  52 Votes  
This game is perfect for you if you want to play cricket online. It has both simplicity and challenge that will make you play for hours.
Play Bully Cricket Bully Cricket  rating  64 Votes  
Be the bully and liven up the crowd. Throw a perfect toss and hear the whole stadium scream for you.
Play Super Sixers Super Sixers  rating  57 Votes  
Swing a magnificent sixer and the whole arena will cheer for you.
Play Just Not Cricket Just Not Cricket  rating  42 Votes  
What a lovely day for a game of cricket. Do not let those furry creatures ruin the match.
Play Super Fielder Super Fielder  rating  34 Votes  
Do you have sharp eyes and outstanding reflexes? Put your cricket skills to the test by playing this awesome game!
Play Cricket Overdose Cricket Overdose  rating  84 Votes  
Have a healthy fill of cricket. Play this game to satisfy your hunger for some pitches.
Play Cricket Master Blaster Cricket Master Blaster  rating  70 Votes  
Keep your eye on the ball and strike at the right moment to achieve your target score.
Play Balance The Bat Balance The Bat  rating  51 Votes  
Test your balancing skills. Do not let the bat fall to the ground.

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