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Play Dart Cricket Dart Cricket  rating  81 Votes  
Aim for the right moves. The outcome of the game rests squarely on your sharp eyes and steady hand.
Play World Cricket Challenge World Cricket Challenge  rating  103 Votes  
Play a simple yet very rewarding game of cricket. It even has a practice mode for beginners.
Play Cricket Umpire Decision Cricket Umpire Decision  rating  26 Votes  
You have to make good decisions if you want to be a great umpire someday. Play this game and see if you know your cricket well.
Play Virtual Cricket Virtual Cricket  rating  53 Votes  
Protect the wicket. Keep your eye on the ball and time your swings.
Play Mini Cricket Mini Cricket  rating  31 Votes  
This is a simple game of cricket that you can have fun with anytime of the day. Just click the START GAME button and bat away!
Play Hit The Sign Hit The Sign  rating  45 Votes  
Play a fast game of cricket. This one is simple and very easy to learn.
Play Hit For Six Hit For Six  rating  24 Votes  
How many runs will you be able to score within one over? Keep on practicing until you are the best cricket player in town!
Play Quick Cricket Quick Cricket  rating  35 Votes  
Check if you have cricket skills by playing this game. It is all about concentration and great timing. Try it out now!
Play Defend The Ashes Defend The Ashes  rating  35 Votes  
Stay alert! Do not let anyone near the ashes. Protect it with everything you have.
Play Fantacy Cricket Fantacy Cricket  rating  27 Votes  
It is always fun to play some sports in the wilderness where you can hear the birds chirping and the river rippling.

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