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Play Daffy Wide Reciever Daffy Wide Reciever  rating  138 Votes  
Daffy Duck is a funny little cartoon character, but will he be able to survive the chaos inside the football field? Help him win the game!
Play Football Rush Football Rush  rating  176 Votes  
Score a touchdown with the help of your trusty team mates. Create the perfect strategy.
Play Flag Football Flag Football  rating  838 Votes  
7 on 7 Football game, be on offensive or defensive position and manage your player in their way to victory.
Play Running Back Attack Running Back Attack  rating  235 Votes  
It's up to you to bring your team to victory. Run straight to the end zone!
Play Touchdown American Football Touchdown American Football  rating  178 Votes  
Try to be the hero and score a touchdown untackled. Reach the end zone using your skills and courage.
Play Ultimate Football Ultimate Football  rating  344 Votes  
Let the cool music inspire you to become the best quarterback ever! Make every pass count.
Play Hail Mary Hail Mary  rating  339 Votes  
Do not let your team be a failure. Make the perfect pass to avoid any embarrassment.
Play Super Bowl Defender Super Bowl Defender  rating  207 Votes  
Make the fans scream by pinning down the running back before he reaches the end zone!
Play Two-A-Days Two-A-Days  rating  155 Votes  
This will give you both a fright and total excitement. It is American football at its scariest.
Play Field Goal Field Goal  rating  195 Votes  
An American football game, try to beat all 30 levels by kicking the ball in the right direction and power.

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