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Play Planet Racer Planet Racer  rating  1226 Votes  
It is an inter-galactic race! Travel from planet to planet as you try to find some racers that will deserve your attention.
Play Sprinter Sprinter  rating  1536 Votes  
Your speed depends on the coordination between your fingers. Practice to stay at the top.
Play Diesel And Death Diesel And Death  rating  425 Votes  
Battle for two-wheeled glory in the most unforgiving terrain on Earth.
Play Free Gear Free Gear  rating  953 Votes  
Cool game where you can customize your car and the race settings.
Play TurboTruck 2 TurboTruck 2  rating  308 Votes  
Behold! This is the monster truck challenge! Sprint to the finish line while leaving a lot of destruction behind.
Play Burning Horizon Burning Horizon  rating  310 Votes  
Jump in the coolest car and enjoy a wild night of adrenaline-filled racing.
Play Supersonic Speeders Supersonic Speeders  rating  487 Votes  
Fly, glide and conquer the road with your very own supersonic speeder ship!
Play Uphill Rush Uphill Rush  rating  80 Votes  
A truly amazing game, Uphill Rush lets you race whatever ride you want to use. Be it a motorcycle, an ATV, or even a skateboard!
Play Beach Blaze Beach Blaze  rating  165 Votes  
Race on the beach with your roller blades. Avoid any obstacles to reach the finish line first.
Play Mini Toy Car Racing Mini Toy Car Racing  rating  135 Votes  
Have fun with your toy car. Let it race on 15 excitingly interesting tracks.

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