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Play Beach Blaze Beach Blaze  rating  179 Votes  
Race on the beach with your roller blades. Avoid any obstacles to reach the finish line first.
Play Mini Toy Car Racing Mini Toy Car Racing  rating  154 Votes  
Have fun with your toy car. Let it race on 15 excitingly interesting tracks.
Play Motorcycle Racer Motorcycle Racer  rating  168 Votes  
Control your bike properly. Reach the checkpoint in the shortest possible time.
Play Farm Race Farm Race  rating  117 Votes  
Race around the mud track as you try to become the best driver in the farmland!
Play Free Race Free Race  rating  128 Votes  
Race against three other cars. Make sure you do not finish fourth.
Play Championship Championship  rating  164 Votes  
Its one-on-one racing on dangerous terrains. Who will emerge victorious?
Play Race Race 3D Race Race 3D  rating  86 Votes  
Let the cool music inspire you to crank up the speed and demolish the competition.
Play Super Sonic Diwali Fun Super Sonic Diwali Fun  rating  171 Votes  
Do not think. Do not blink. Just collect all the fireworks and go fast - sonic fast!
Play Highway Dash Highway Dash  rating  91 Votes  
Make the other racers eat dirt as you leave them all behind one by one.
Play Motor Madness Motor Madness  rating  94 Votes  
Prepare for glory. Race your way to the finish line to be the best on two wheels.

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