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Play UFO Racing UFO Racing  rating  83 Votes  
A really cool race from the future. Play this game and you will surely get hooked.
Play 4x4 Rally 4x4 Rally  rating  89 Votes  
Endure the unforgiving tracks as you try to finish each course with flying colors. Your objective is not to give up!
Play Scorched Pursuit Scorched Pursuit  rating  51 Votes  
Choose the car you like then race to the finish line without being turned to ashes by the flying dragon.
Play Rocket Bike Rocket Bike  rating  92 Votes  
Pick your biker and accessories then get ready for one crazy race that you will surely enjoy.
Play Power Rangers Moto Race Power Rangers Moto Race  rating  78 Votes  
Fill up your Super Mode to boost the speed of your cool ranger bike.
Play Gr8 Racing Gr8 Racing  rating  104 Votes  
This is a good challenge for all car lovers. Stay on the road and reach the finish line in very little time.
Play Speed Biker Speed Biker  rating  102 Votes  
Let your engine hum as it unleashes its petrol fury. Pass all 25 gates without breaking your bike to win the game.
Play Ultimate Dog Racer Ultimate Dog Racer  rating  64 Votes  
This is a different form of racing. Avoid all obstacles that might distract your race dog.
Play Formula 1 Champion Formula 1 Champion  rating  65 Votes  
Ride the fastest machine on the planet. Swerve smartly to keep the other racers at bay.
Play Hyper Trak Hyper Trak  rating  65 Votes  
This is the future of racing: the music is cool and the cars are faster. Prepare to burst into superior speed when you turn on your Hyper Power.

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