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Skateboarding Games

Play Skate Grind Skate Grind  rating  51 Votes  
Avoid being booed by your friends by doing your best not to perform an embarassing faceplant.
Play Barbie Is Hungry Barbie Is Hungry  rating  66 Votes  
Alone on an island, Barbie must grab the food that are floating in the air. Will you help this cute little girl?
Play Xtreme Skate Xtreme Skate  rating  41 Votes  
Outrun the police car using your very fast and reliable skateboard. Do some bench grinds and other silly stunts on yoiur way to freedom.
Play Extreme Skate City Extreme Skate City  rating  37 Votes  
Grab those shiny stars by riding your fast skateboard. Try not to crash to the ground, that is very embarrassing!
Play Stone Age Skater 2 Stone Age Skater 2  rating  37 Votes  
Ride the coolest decks in the age of dinosaurs! Do some flips and collect those coins to be able to buy more expensive skateboards.
Play Summer Skate Summer Skate  rating  39 Votes  
Feel the cool breeze on your face as you speed through the highway using your fast and agile skateboard. It is time to beat the heat of summer!
Play Skater Mania Skater Mania  rating  20 Votes  
How long will you survive on your skateboard inside a cave filled with colorful obstacles? You must be quick on your feet to win.
Play Boardin Boardin  rating  41 Votes  
Are yoe ready to impress the world with insane stunts? Grab your board and hit the road!
Play Prehistoric Skater Prehistoric Skater  rating  42 Votes  
This is how cavemen roll during the stone age! Skateboarding is fun but watch out for those large boulders and enormous predators.
Play Game Gecko Skateboarding Game Gecko Skateboarding  rating  66 Votes  
Hang loose with a lizard and a sleek skateboard. Make the bystanders turn green with envy as you do some impossible tricks with your deck.

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Pyramid Solitaire
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