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Soccer Games

Play Finger Footy Finger Footy  rating  76 Votes  
A funny soccer game, try to score as many goals as you can, and don't let the warriors get too close to you.
Play Retro Soccer Retro Soccer  rating  72 Votes  
Great overhead soccer game, choose the number of players and the number of opponent players and start to play.
Play Soccer Pong Soccer Pong  rating  44 Votes  
This is a fun soccer game like no other! Keep the ball inside the circular field then keep on scoring until you reach the highest score.
Play Animal Football 2010 Animal Football 2010  rating  85 Votes  
Be the best in the whole jungle. Make them go bananas over your unbelievable kicks.
Play Elastic Soccer Elastic Soccer  rating  41 Votes  
Elastic Soccer is a fun and easy soccer game that you can play if you want to practice with your shots. Here you can control all of the players, including the goalkeeper.
Play World Cup Shootout World Cup Shootout  rating  41 Votes  
Study the body movement of the goalkeeper to be able to outsmart him with your every shot. Make sure that each ball given to you hits the net!
Play Zombie Soccer Zombie Soccer  rating  82 Votes  
Even zombies love the game of soccer. Win the game by not getting eaten by the other undead.
Play Johnny Bravo Soccer Champ Johnny Bravo Soccer Champ  rating  56 Votes  
Put those muscles into good use by kicking that ball straight to the goal. Do your best and make your mama proud, Johnny!
Play Gulliup Gulliup  rating  72 Votes  
Time to show off your fantastic ball skills. Create amazing combos to grab the attention of the crowd.
Play Football Header Football Header  rating  38 Votes  
In football, it is always nice to use your head! Keep the soccer ball in the air and make sure that you only use your head.

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Pyramid Solitaire
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