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Wrestling Games

Play Royal Thumble Royal Thumble  rating  725 Votes  
A wacky wrestling match. Laugh and scream as you try to subdue your opponent.
Play Raw Interactive Raw Interactive  rating  483 Votes  
Create your own wrestling story. You decide what will happen next.
Play Wack Wrestling Challenge Wack Wrestling Challenge  rating  337 Votes  
Customize your character then battle it out in the ring with other wrestlers.
Play GWA Wrestling Wriot GWA Wrestling Wriot  rating  245 Votes  
Battle of the two brutes: Pain King versus Steel Toe. Choose your wrestler and clobber the other.
Play Ultimate Lucha Battle Ultimate Lucha Battle  rating  79 Votes  
Have a really wacky time inside the wrestling ring with our favorite luchador! Help Nacho win the championship cup.
Play Sumo Tournament Sumo Tournament  rating  155 Votes  
Want to be a sumo wrestler? See if you can take the push from big and strong opponents.
Play Sumo Slam Sumo Slam  rating  200 Votes  
This is an extreme sumo wrestling. Battle 3 other wrestlers on different dangerous stages.
Play Nacho Kung-Fu Nacho Kung-Fu  rating  113 Votes  
Join Nacho Libre in his quest to be the best wrestler in the land while being good to children.
Play ICW Backyard Brawl ICW Backyard Brawl  rating  171 Votes  
Get ready to slam in the backyard. Choose from 5 interesting characters and fight to the finish!
Play Nacho Match-O Nacho Match-O  rating  126 Votes  
Copy the wrestling poses of your opponent to win the match! Have fun with Nacho Libre and the gang.

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